Mio Ebisu

 My painting practice involves creating imaginary scenes from wildlife landscapes and everyday life. I draw inspiration from folk-art imagery found in both Eastern and Western mythology, including textiles, ceramics, picture scrolls, and manuscripts. I am exploring combining these sources in order to create landscapes of humans living within nature. The selection of images and scenes happens randomly through my memories while travelling, walking, gardening, sleeping and reading. After I have the vague scene I search for similar landscapes by exploring my local environment capturing photographic scenes or by searching across the internet. I use painting as a tool to experience these scenes more vividly. 
I am also fascinated by the properties of paints such as colour and brushstrokes which represents direct physical gesture in painting. This influence comes from my experience and training in Chinese brush calligraphy, which I studied when I was between 9 and 17 years old. The calligraphy doesn't allow you to draw the line twice, it requires the intensive concentrate and aiming for the purest stroke 

I am making a small hand painted badge.  For the gallery and shopping please visit here


1987 Tokyo
2012 Musashino Arts University BA Tokyo
2019 University of the Arts London Wimbledon College of Arts Painting MA

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2020 'Word fo a day' at Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
2018 'The moss of the rock' at  Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo  
2017 'Absurd daily life between June 17th and February' at Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
2016 'Addiction and the wall' at Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
2015 'Mio Ebisu' at Monacle Deli, England, UK  
2014 'Kaden' at taimatz, Tokyo, Japan 
2014 ’Mio Ebisu- Shop art walk' at Cafe Shakey's in Tokyo designers week, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 'Deep autumn; How does my neighbour live; I wonder?' at SET Project Space Lewisham London
2020 '..and Female.' Online Exhibition curated by Khaoula B. Karaweigh
2019 ' Squeezed! ' at Nunnery Gallery, London
2019 '3331 Arts Fair' at Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo, Japan
2017  'What we can do in the desert if our password is weak and we are stuck offline' at Everybody Needs Art, Budapest, Hungary  
2017 '片山正通的百科全書 ” Life is hard…Let’s go shopping.” ay Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013 'Why not live for art?' at Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012 'Little little arts club'; presented by Yoshimoto Nara at Towada Art Centre, Aomori, Japan

  Selected Participated Projects 
2017 'Share the acts of bathing'  Japan tour UK-JP artists/musicians collaboration 
Hokkaido, Tokyo, Beppu, Kyoto, Nagoya 
funded by Artist International Development Fund 
2017 ' Living room' at Liebig 12, Berlin, Germany
2017 ' Verantwortung', Berlin, Germany
2013 'Art meets Beppu' Beppu Project, Collaboration with 'Yumenoki' Designed gift box and biscuit , Japan

2016 'DJVFA research residency' Bornholm, Denmark
2014 'Tsugihagi-Aomori' at art space tetra, Hakata, Japan
2013-2014 'Kiyoshima Apartment' by Beppu Project, Beppu, Japan 
2013 ' Sunshine and Air' at Zamworl Museum, South Korea 



1 Min Japanese Art Educational Comics
I introduce my favourite Japanese art in English. 
Mainly "Heta-Uma" . 

Plants in Manuscript (Under Construction)建設中

This is another my blog about plants drawn in old manuscripts. English/Japanese